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‚I’m like, „alright, well this has been real

März 08, 2015

I cried the entire way back to my hotel,‘ she told the publication.Following those accusations, porn star Isis Taylor’s claims against the actor also surfaced in a newly unearthed 2013 interview saying he harrassed her at an after party for an the 2011 NBA All Star game.Isis Taylor claimed Piven exposed himself to her at an NBA after party in 2011 (Picture: Splash)After claiming that Piven who was starring in Entourage at the time approached her and asked if she knew who he was, she alleged that he exposed himself to her when they both went outside to smoke.’All of a sudden [Piven] is like „Look all this can be yours,“ as he points to his dk. I look down, and his dk is full blown out,‘ she claimed.’I’m like, „alright, well this has been real. I’m going to go back inside.“ I walked back inside and that was the last time I saw Jeremy Piven.’Ariane Bellamar was the first actress to come forward and claim Piven had harassed her (Picture: WireImage)The allegations come following a claim from actress Ariane Bellamar that Piven harrassed her on the set of Entourage, while another actress, Cassidy Freeman, accused him of ‚predatory behaviour‘.Piven previously said of Bellamar’s claims: ‚I unequivocally deny the appalling allegations being peddled about me.

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